AFC Oakley Football Club

AFC Oakley – How does the club run?

AFC Oakley is a football club that like all other grassroots football teams in run by a group of dedicated volunteers who all take up a variety of roles within the club to make sure the club runs as efficiently and as effectively as it can. As well as all the coaches that run the team’s week in week out the people below also have a large input into the running of the club, and here’s what their roles entail.

So let’s have a look at the various roles to see what they all do:

Club Chairman
Martin Dazley
To lead the Club in the direction set by the Committee in a manner which enhances the Club in the local community to be the best of grassroots football in Bedfordshire.

The Chairperson should enforce the Club philosophy and set the highest possible standards of behaviour for the Committee, Managers, players, parents and supporters to adhere too. On a day to day basis, they are there to:
1. Chair of committee meetings
2. Responsibility of the Club including budgeting and control of spend
3. Local community partners liaison e.g. School, Village Hall, Sports and Social, Parish Council
4. Support the Welfare Officer in matters of Youth & Adult welfare issues
5. Troubleshooting  any team issues

Vice Chairman
Dan Yusuf
To provide support and appropriate coverage to the Chairperson in driving the Club in the direction set by the Committee in a manner which enhances the Club in the local community to be the best of grassroots football in Bedfordshire. On a day to day basis, they are there to:
1. Chair of committee meetings when the Chairperson is unavailable
2. Setting standards for Manager development in terms of coaching techniques and player management
3. Support the Welfare Officer in matters of Youth and Adult welfare issues
4. Troubleshooting of Youth and adult Team issues
Club Secretary
Emma vase
To be the administrator for the Club ensuring adherence to all League and FA rules and policies. The Secretary has full signatory authority for the Club in all League and FA matters.
1. To be the first point of contact to outside agencies including Beds FA, League Officials, other Football Club Officials
2. Registration of Teams with respective Leagues including Cup competitions
3. Payment of Fines and ensuring collection from players through Managers
4. Submit the club affiliation to Beds FA before the required date each season
5. Administer all Club correspondence.
6. Working with Beds FA ensure the Club carries out the annual health check
7. Ensure that all managers and coaches meet the minimum requirement for Charter Standard and club affiliation.
Tim Scerri
To manage the Club accounts and maintain suitable records in line with good not-for-profit organisations practices. To ensure the liquidity and security of the Club’s account is protected at all times.
1. To keep accurate records of all incoming and outgoing moneys pertaining to the Club
2. Ensure Players subscriptions are received and recorded
3. To ensure any Invoices and/or Club expenditure is settled in-line with the suppliers Terms & Conditions
4. Process approved Expense forms
5. Present reports on the clubs’ financial dealings  at each committee meeting
6. Ensure the Clubs accounts are audited completed as required by the club / FA at the end of each financial year
7. Present the audited records at the Annual General Meeting.

Kit & Equipment
Dan Yusuf

To manage and maintain the kit and equipment that are the Club’s assets. Constantly challenge suppliers to provide the best possible service and quality to the Club.
1.Manage the purchasing and distribution of kit within the agreed budgets.
2. Maintain an equipment asset register
3. Recommend purchase of equipment to Committee
4. Purchase on behalf of the  club.
5. Ensure kit purchases form teams are in line with current kit style.

Social Media Officer
Pete Neal

To use all social media platforms to keep our audiences updated with key information
1. To ensure that club’s social media policy is adhered to and all posts issued are in line with club requirements.
2. To make sure regular posts are issued on all social media platforms
3. To increase the audiences reached on social media and increase visibility and usage of members.
4. To answer any queries received on social media channels or website. 

Welfare Officer
Emma Vase

Protect the welfare of all players and Managers within the Club. To enforce current child protection policies and work with relevant Players, Managers, and Parents/Carers when issues are reported. Proactively provide support to Managers when issues are notified.

1. Work in collaboration with the FA Welfare Officer in the investigation of issues
2. Ensure the club is enforcing all the required welfare protection policies and provide appropriate briefings to Managers.
3. Attend appropriate FA training and seminars relating to Welfare issues.
4. Ensuring the club website is kept up to date with safeguarding policies and signposting support for all.
5. Setting up and running a ‘players voice’ forum

6. Reporting all safeguarding issues to required parties. 

ORA Representative
Tom Bliss 

To represent the views and needs of AFC Oakley at all ORA Committee Meetings
1. To make sure you are aware when all meetings are due to take place and if you are not able to attend to ensure you send a representative of the club in your place.
2. To update the AFC Oakley Committee of any issues arising from attending the ORA meetings.
3. Ensure the Social Club delivers the required level of service and facilities, within their means, for the benefit of the Club.