AFC Oakley Football Club

Interview with Jamie Worker

We caught up with Jamie Worker and asked him some questions on all things AFC Oakley.

What is your footballing background?
Played for Oakley on Saturday’s and Oakley Rangers on Sundays captaining Oakley Rangers on Sundays. Started when I was 16 and played into my 40’s.

What is your Oaks story?
Played for Oaks, supported Oaks, Run the line for Oaks, Oaks till I die!

What is your prediction for Oaks this year?
Win the league if all can stay fit.

What are your three non-negotiables in a player?
• Give 100% every week in games and training
• Willingness to play wherever picked (versatility)
• Ability to enjoy Oaks on and off the pitch.

Your top three Oaks players of all time?
• Stacey Gray (CF) – prolific goal scorer for many a season.
• Brian Woodward (MF) – complete warrior, brilliant all round midfielder.
• Robbie Alder (D) – great leader, great defender, never missed a header and great clubman.

Will Liverpool win the Premier League this year?
Liverpool win the league? Of course! Why not? Play great football, great manager, players and team.

What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?
Work hard play hard!